{ make a wish }

My name is Diana and this is my journey to living a healthier life. I currently reside in Music City, USA, but I hail from Queens, NY.

A few other things about me…

I love Instagram and am obsessed with Pinterest.

My favorite blogs include Peanut Butter Runner, A MiusmieExtra Petite and Manger just to name a few.

My favorite celebs are SeanCat (of Bachelor fame), Lalisa Manoban from Blackpink, Ariana Grande and Anna Kendrick. I also absolutely adore Chrissy Teigen (and her mom too!) and Mindy Kaling.

I love to dance. It’s kinda my favorite thing to do. Zumba, Cize & all the dancing things is what I enjoy doing the most when I workout.

I read a lot of romance novels and hope to one day write one myself. Because I am in love with love. And music. Oh and Starbucks too.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps. You can find me on all the places plus all my socials here.